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Bellaterra Campus
Spaces for Meetings
and Outdoor Activities

• Hotel Campus
• University Spaces
• Sporting Installations

Hotel Campus


The Hotel Campus offers various installations ideal for the organization of all types of events. Located in the residential area of the campus, the Vila Universitària, it is the only hotel in this area with the added value of having both the infrastructure and support network of a university.

The Hotel Convention Centre consists of nine rooms, some modular, all totally equipped with all the audio-visual material and support necessary for the successful production of courses, meetings, conventions, congresses and social functions, accommodating up to 700 attendees.

The Hotel Campus has 104 guest rooms and a wide range of dining possibilities for both individual clients and larger groups. The hotel also offers a combined service (forfait) which includes the reservation of meeting rooms, accommodation, and dining options, with special prices for groups.

The Hotel also incorporates the green spaces and sporting installations of the UAB, thus allowing businesses to operate both outdoor and indoor, training courses in an academic environment conducive to skill-learning.

The location of the Bellaterra campus, the headquarters of the majority of the faculties, departments and services of the University, within close proximity to the institutions and companies which come together to form the Parc de Recerca UAB and in turn the Parc Tecnològic del Vallès, the Parc de l'Alba ((Synchrotron) not to mention the key business route of the B-30, make the hotel an ideal focal point for scientific or business functions, quite apart from the considerable experience acquired by our various event teams over the course of years taking care to these client types.

The UAB Campus Activities and Congresses Promotion Agency offers all its expertise in the organization of the events taking place within the Hotel.

University Spaces


The UAB campus has an array of auditoriums, a diverse range of meeting rooms of various sizes and capacities, IT rooms, the Torre Vila-Puig, a cinema, a theatre and a sports centre, which all complement the sites available for meetings and conventions in the Hotel Campus.

These sites, located in the various centers of the UAB, are provided with all the basic services and technical equipment necessary in order to successfully deliver all manner of events.

The 230 hectares of green space and natural forests are the ideal location for activities in the open air.

The UAB Campus Activities and Congresses Promotion Agency is tasked with coordinating the reservation of these spaces and of the services they facilitate, in accordance with the characteristics of each event.



Sporting Facilities

Sporting Installations

The sporting installations of the UAB, managed by the Servei d'Activitat Física (SAF) or Physical Activity Service, are, purely in terms on their variety and quality, one of the most fully equipped sporting complexes there is in the Vallès area, not to mention one of the best in Catalunya.

All UAB Campus service users can take advantage of the SAF facilities with the same conditions as the members of the university community.

Additionally, the SAF is able to hire several of its sporting installations to individuals, groups or organizations interested in using them for sporting or other activities, and can help collaborate in the organization of the events themselves.